Webinar on ’How to respond to multi-jurisdictional data breach & information security when working remotely?’ organized by SELA
team was held on Thursday 14th October 2021.

The webinar was hosted by Desislava Krusteva, partner from Dimitrov Petrov & Co, Bulgarian SELA member firm together with Uroš Popović, partner from Bojović Drašković Popović & Partners, Serbian SELA member.

Webinar aimed to point out the potential problems that can occur in increasingly frequent remote working conditions and to give some concrete advice on how to respond and which steps to undertake if they occur.

In his introductory part Uroš clarified concepts such as data breaches, data privacy and privacy protection and pointed out the problems that can occur when it comes to them. He also shared some concrete practical examples and gave advices on how to solve such problems.

In the second session, Desislava gave a short overview of GDPR’ provisions on data breaches. Sharing the Bulgarian perspective, she gave practical insights which are related to data breach notifications. Most importantly, she provided very important information regarding the steps to follow when such matter occurs, and also the things not to be done in this kind of situations.