Bulgaria: DRP took part in the Digitalks podcast

Vesela Kabatliyska, partner at Dinova, Rusev & Partners Law Firm, took part in the last episode of the podcast Digitalks and shared interesting experience and opinion on attracting, engaging and retaining startup staff in terms of law and years of experience.

The main topics touched upon by the interviewee were the life of a startup: how to create it, how to keep it and what are the legal features in terms of human resources.

According to Vesela, attracting staff especially in the beginning when capital is absolutely limited, can be a serious challenge and have to make compromises. Even more challenging is the retention of staff, and not only in startups, but throughout the technology sector. For years, there have been processes that have reversed the labor market.  There is a lot of competition between employers, employees often lose interest in certain projects and commitments they have made, and something has to keep them.

Kabatliyska emphasized that the most important thing an employer should achieve is to really actively engage his employees.

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