Quality assurance

Client service is our top priority and we are deeply committed to making sure that each client has a unique experience. Our international approach and professional and ethical conduct ensures that our clients receive top-quality representation and a consistent level of professionalism across the alliance. To sustain this, each of our member firms shares a common established protocol focused on integrity, teamwork, competence and trust.

Membership Criteria

One of the main objectives of SELA is that every member is among the very best within their legal communities.

This is why great care is given to the application and selection process for member firm. SELA members are carefully selected based on strict membership criteria. Participation in the alliance is exclusive and by invitation only. Only well reputed and prestigious firms with excellent track records and substantial partner involvement are selected to join SELA. Each member has an in-depth understanding of their local practice and business habitat and a truly international perspective. Candidates selected for membership are carefully vetted and are then visited by the management board to evaluate if their firm values and culture are in line with SELA standards before they are accepted as members.

Quality Assurance

One of the key factors differentiating SELA from other international legal associations is the time and expense the member firms invest in managing their know-how. As a group, SELA makes every effort to have one scale of competency per level of fee-earner throughout the alliance, by utilizing an integrated approach to learning and development, clients can be sure that they will receive the same level of quality and legal and business services from each firm in the alliance.

Integrated Approach

SELA focuses on key areas where, as a group, the impact is greater than what individual firms would achieve alone. The group gathers together on a quarterly basis to develop and implement a joint strategy. The group routinely shares know-how and works together on a reguar basis to ensure the regular and systematic exchange of professional information to facilitate and serve the needs of its client base.