Data Protection

Preventive Approach
With data protection increasingly in focus with European regulators, it is even more important to be on top of the latest developments that affect the regulatory environment in this area of law. The protection of personal data in this digital age is even more relevant in today’s digitally connected world. Because the global economy is becoming smaller and smaller, the processing and transfer of personal data has become a large concern, especially in innovative and highly regulated industries. Our experts understand how costly and damaging a data breach and consecutive legal action can be, which is why we take a preventive approach to advisory on all data protection and privacy compliance matters. We are there to help our clients mitigate potential risk and gain the advantage over their competition. SELA’s legal experts closely monitor all of the latest regulations that are being put in place to keep people’s private information safe and are fully aware of the implications of data protection regulations on our clients business. Our data protection specialists have multi-disciplinary expertise in areas such as employment law, financial services, and intellectual property, as well as niche expertise in highly regulated industries such as telecommunications and information technology.

Services and Expertise
Our team of regional experts offers services and advice on personal database registration, regulatory compliance, data transfer and approval procedures. We assist clients with forming company policy and drafting comprehensive legal contracts to help them stay abreast of the latest legislative changes and to protect them from potential reputational and financial risks. Our data protection experts particularly specialize in cross-border matters and have broad experience advising clients in each of our jurisdictions, which enables them to offer insight into how to streamline processes and to successfully manage the differing regulatory regimes. We actively participate within our local communities in efforts to make legislation more business friendly and are dedicated to raising awareness through contributions to industry publications and by taking speaking roles at events related to the topic.

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