Dimitrijević & Partneri

The firm was created by group of pioneering lawyers that recognized the changing needs of the domestic legal market and responded with a modern practice, differently structured to drive productivity and deliver results. Dimitrijević & Partners supports companies doing business throughout all of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Renowned for its uncompromising commitment, international standards of client service, exceptional lawyers and commercial approach to business, Dimitrijević and Partners offers an innovative and pioneering approach to legal and business advisory in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The firm takes pride in its ability to adapt to the changing needs of its clients and to combine this with a deep understanding of its market to deliver innovative, focused and consistent legal and business advice. Dimitrijević & Partners has a clear vision that creativity is a necessary element for advising clients in emerging markets. This vision, matched with a meticulous approach and engineered precision is what sets the firm apart from its competition.

Dimitrijević & Partners advises leading domestic and international banks, investors and government institutions doing in business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The firm is recognized for its deep industry knowledge, fresh thinking and creative solutions and has worked on numerous projects to innovate and establish cutting-edge legal frameworks for the new situations taking place in the country, which means clients benefit from the firms industry knowledge and unparalleled insight. Lawyers from the firm have been recognized by independent legal directories for their practical and business-minded understanding of the commercial implications of their legal advice and are known for their ability to combine their knowledge of local business, culture and industry with best practice standards and big picture vision to provide commercial solutions for clients.