DRAKOPOULOS hosted The International Bar Association’s European Regional Forum

DRAKOPOULOS hosted the IBA‘s European Regional Forum (ERF) Annual Retreat in Santorini, Greece from 15- 18 May. The event was attended by 37 officers, council and advisory board members.

The retreat was certified by the Gold Standard Impact Registry as a sustainable event with a zero-carbon footprint, a first for retreats of its kind, preventing the release of 23 tones of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
Massimo Calderan and Anna Dąbrowska, co-chairs of the European Regional Forum, together with Panagiotis Drakopoulos, senior vice-chair, welcomed the participants and addressed the issues shaping the future of the ERF.

The retreat served as a platform for sharing innovative ideas and exploring strategic approaches for the ERF going forward; it also included working sessions on the ERF’s conferences, sub-regional groups and working parties.
The European Regional Forum Annual Retreat provides invaluable insights, fosters collaboration among legal industry practitioners, and serves as a catalyst for innovation and sustainable growth.

We are looking forward to the next ERF Annual Retreat in Budapest!