Milica Pešterić attended the International Energy Conference in Zlatibor

BD2P’s partner Milica Pešterić, attended the International Energy Conference alongside Castletown Law’s principals Simon Stuttaford, and Andrew Renton, held from 25th-28th June in Zlatibor.

Milica and Simon, presented a paper on the role of nuclear energy in Serbia’s energy transition plan. The contributions of Maroof M., another co-author of the paper, are also highlighted.

The International Energy Conference 2024 was held now when the positive effects of the decarbonization of energy, transport and industry should become more visible with the aim of remediating the consequences of increasingly accelerated climate changes and increasingly intense environmental pollution. Serbia accepted the COP28 Agreement. The biggest progress compared to previous global climate agreements is the call to triple the capacities of renewable energy sources and double the average annual growth rates of energy efficiency by 2030, as well as the call to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels in energy systems in this decade, but in a fair way, in order to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

This conference has always been a favourite forum where experts from universities, scientific institutes and businesses, from the country and the world, presented their scientific results and discussed them, of which those who passed the review procedure were published in famous scientific journal.