The SELA regional newsletter features an overview of the most important regional legislative developments recently announced in the jurisdictions of SELA coverage. Many of the changes recently implemented impact the regions’ ability to attract foreign investments and related to tax, customs and other investment incentives, illustrating just how strategically important the governing bodies of the region SEE foreign investment.

Main takeaways


  • Treaty with Bulgaria Social Security
  • Approved Law no. 76/2023 On private pension funds
  • Exemptions from the income tax on the sale of immovable properties

Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • New Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources and Efficient Cogeneration in Federation of BH
  • Draft Law on Electronic Money in Republic of Srpska
  • Law on Amendments to the Law on Value Added Tax


  • Amendments in Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Amendments to the Copyright and Related Rights Act
  • Amendments to the Accountancy Act
  • The State Budget Act of the Republic of Bulgaria for 2024
  • Changes to Employment Related Rules from beginning of 2024
  • Amendments to the Energy Act and Renewable Energy Sources Act


  • New Tourism Act
  • Corporate Income Tax (“CIT”)
  • Value Added Tax (“VAT”)
  • Proposal of the Lobbying Act


  • Electronic Justice
  • Beneficial Owner Registry
  • Title Deed Issuance by Land Registry
  • Double Tax Treaty with The Republic of Croatia


  • New Pathways for Migrant Workers
  • Law reform on short-term leases
  • New measures to tackle high prices of basic consumer goods
  • New Model Articles of Association for the incorporation of companies


  • Adoption of the Law on Amendments to the Corporate Profit Tax Law
  • New Amendments to the Law on Concessions, amendments to the Rulebook on designation of energy efficiency of Light Sources and Proposed amendments to the Companies Law

North Macedonia

  • New Law on Resolution of Banks


  • Changes in Fiscal Legislation for Micro-enterprises
  • Changes in company ownership for Micro-enterprises
  • Implementation of the RO e-Invoice System
  • Increase in VAT Rate for Certain Activities


  • New Law on Public Information and Media
  • New Law on Electronic Media
  • New amendments to the Law on State Survey and Cadaster
  • Amendments to the Law on the Registration Procedure with the Cadaster of Real Estate and Utilities


  • Amendments to the Employment Relationships Act
  • Amendments to the Collective Actions Act
  • Draft amendments to the Public Use of Slovene Language Act