Serbia: Milica Pešterić visiting AmCham’s ESG Champion – IKEA

BD2P’s partner Milica Pešterić together with members of AmCham Serbia visited IKEA, the 2023 AmCham ESG Champion.

The event was part of Meet the ESG Champions, a series of visits to AmCham member companies that apply exceptional and innovative approaches to environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

With the participation of over 30 member companies, the event provided a unique opportunity to learn about IKEA’s ESG strategy and sustainability practices the company implements at the local level. Staff of member companies were granted access to IKEA’s sustainable business units, which encompass solar panels, water processing and management facilities, as well as product repair, reuse, and waste management departments.

The visit was also an opportunity for knowledge exchange, sparking interest from other member companies in hosting future visits and presenting their own models of sustainable business practices.

AmCham Serbia members were able to better understand the importance of sustainability in business, as well as how cooperating to achieve sustainable development will be beneficial for all stakeholders.

Source: AmCham Serbia, August 2023