Albania: Interview with Shpati Hoxha

Shpati Hoxha, partner at HM&H, gave an interview for CEE Legal Matters with a brief overview of the current situation in Albania.

The Albanian Government is considering to impose an extraordinary payment for energy companies with regard to the profits that they have been realized due to the spike of energy prices caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“The “solidarity contribution” is intended to be applied at a rate of 50%. The “solidarity contribution” rate will be levied starting from 2023, and will be calculated as the product of the energy quantities sold during the previous year, with the difference between the average market price achieved during the previous year and the reference price indicated in the draft, of 8.5 Lekë/kWh (approx.. Eurocent 7.25/kWh).” according to HM&H Partner Shpati Hoxha.

To read the full interview, please follow the link.