BD2P Working Breakfast: How to Comply with the Labor Regulations?

In Belgrade, 25 April, CANSEE and BD2P jointly organized a working breakfast for CANSEE’s members, on “how to comply with the labor regulations”.

BD2P’s employment team represented by Vuk Drašković and Miloš Andrejević gave a thoughtful insight into compliance with the labor regulations of Serbia, focusing on the Labor Law, and a general compliance with the labor-related regulations of Serbia in the various areas such as harassment at work, whistleblowing, safety and health at work, data protection, etc.

CANSEE is the Canadian Serbian Business Association founded to promote trade and development between Canada and Serbia. CANSEE supports foreign direct investment in Serbia and the surrounding region and encourages entrepreneurship through training and education. BD2P is a member of CANSEE and is always happy to support its activities.