Bosnia and Herzegovina: Stevan Dimitrijević at the Southeastern Europe Arbitration Conference (SEEA) in Vienna

Stevan Dimitrijevic, senior partner at Dimitrijevic and Partners, attended the inaugural Southeastern Europe Arbitration Conference (SEEA) in Vienna.

The conference opening speech was conducted by Christoph Schreuer, an expert and thought leader in international investment law, also referred as the leading authority on investment arbitration. At the conference, leading scholars, and practitioners, from their countries and worldwide, unlocked the future trends in International Arbitration in this region through discussions covering the most topical issues that transform the essence of the disputes and arbitration laws in Southeastern Europe.

This was an opportunity for Stevan to explore and learn more about the current trends in the field of the dispute resolution.

This conference will most certainly contribute to gaining new knowledge, networking, and sharing the experiences with colleagues and experts in the field of arbitration and dispute resolution.

More information about this event can be found here.