Bulgaria: Iliya Grozdanov at the Renewable Balkans 2023 Conference

Iliya Grozdanov, partner at Dinova, Rusev & Partners, took part as moderator in the Renewable Balkans 2023 Conference, held 11-12 October in Bucharest, Romania.

Iliya moderated the first panel named “Renewable energy policy in Balkans: progress, challenges, and opportunities”. Starting from 2019, the renewable energy sector in Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia, the three Balkan EU member states, experienced rapid growth, and promising prospects to replace fossil fuel-generated electricity. The ongoing transition towards a net-zero economy and the EU’s target of a 42,5% share of renewable energy in the energy mix by 2030 will continue to shape the development of the renewable electricity sector in coming years. On the other hand, Western Balkans’ energy mix is primarily dominated by fossil fuels, while renewable energy generation, excluding hydro power, is relatively limited. The ongoing energy crisis and the countries’ commitments under their membership in the Energy Community and as aspiring EU Member States push towards economies’ decarbonisation and renewable energy deployment.

He discussed how do the authorities see the industry, what regulations are still missed, what are the main policy challenges that developers and power producers face – these and other issues were discussed to outline the way forward.

The conference included a range of speakers and law firm leaders, as well as, acknowledged experts from across the globe in the field of Energy and Renewable sector. The main topics touched upon by the participants were project finance landscape across the Balkans and the new role of corporate PPAs and CfDs that will play in the region.

This was an opportunity for a valuable knowledge exchange.

To learn more about Renewable Balkans Conference, please follow the link.