Croatia: Interview with Marko Bohacek from BDV

Marko Bohacek, partner at BDV, gave an interview for CEE Legal Matters with a brief overview of the current situation in Croatia.

“Fortenova” is currently in the restructuring phase, which is primarily interesting because of the sanctions imposed on Russia that affect some of the shares.

According to Marko, “Fortenova”, one of Croatia’s top five corporations, spans the retail, agricultural production, beverage production, and dairy production sectors. “The situation is heating up, with a crucial shareholder assembly scheduled for the end of December, to discuss taking over shares from Russian entities which are currently under sanctions imposed by the EU,” he says.

Bohacek emphasized that the new legislation offers greater legal protection to gig workers, especially regarding salaries.

Additionally, he reports that Croatia has liberalized its visa policies significantly, particularly for non-EU workers, resulting in a more positive immigration balance.

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