Serbia: BD2P’s partner Milica Pešterić at the 6th UPES Annual Conference

BD2P’s partner Milica Pešterić participated as the moderator at the UPES Conference „Reforms in the energy sector“, held on 08 December at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade.

Milica led a discussion on the key legal issues that bring about energy sector reforms.

The package of energy regulations of the European Union: “Clean energy for all Europeans” and the transposition of regulations related to decarbonization are focused on the electricity market and market integration in order to integrate intermittent renewable energy sources. This affects the behaviour of all participants in the electricity market and energy activities at different levels of functioning.

Looking to the future, the energy law profession faces great challenges, and lawyers must innovate and experiment, energy law needs to examine unexplored areas and ultimately reinvent key mechanisms to facilitate commercial investment.

Through two conference sessions: 1. SVAM and EU ETS: meaning and effects; and 2. elements of legislative innovation in energy – the focus was on reforms in the energy sector.

Source: UPES.