North Macedonia and Croatia: Igor Aleksandrovski and Tomislav Sadrić took part in the “Days of the Sun” panel on Brač

Igor Aleksandrovski, partner at Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners, and Tomislav Sadrić, partner at BDV, participated in a panel on the regional situation in solar power plants that was held on Brač, Croatia 25- 26 May 2023.

Tomislav participated as a moderator on the Energy Sources in Industry panel, which was held on 26 May, while Igor took part in the Regional Situation in Solar panel. 

„In recent years, North Macedonia has made substantial strides towards expediting the energy transition. These efforts include the introduction of the concept of strategic investors and other legislative changes aimed at promoting and streamlining investments in renewable energy. As a result, we have witnessed significant growth in renewable energy projects aimed at harnessing the country’s abundant solar potential. However, to ensure a smooth and effective transition, several crucial steps must be taken such as enhancement of the regulatory environment, rationalization of the permitting process and upgrading of the grid infrastructure.“ says Igor.

More information about this event can be found here.