CEVES & BD2P Seminar: Harmonizing Business with ESG and General Legal Regulations

On Tuesday, 30 May, the Center for Advanced Economic Studies – CEVES and BD2P jointly organized a seminar for CEVES members, small and medium-sized enterprises in Serbia, on “harmonizing business with ESG and general legal regulations”.

Our senior partner Marija Bojović, recently established cooperation with this center in order to contribute to the Serbian economy by sharing knowledge from all commercially relevant areas of law.

CEVES is an independent think-and-do-tank dedicated to the sustainable socio-economic development of Serbia and the Western Balkans, based on entrepreneurship, solidarity, and civic initiative. In 2004, CEVES established a group of leading Serbian economists headed by Kori Udovički. CEVES and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade founded the Foundation for the Advancement of Economics (FREN). FREN is today one of the leading scientific institutions in Serbia in the field of macroeconomics, social inclusion, and the labor market.

BD2P recently established an ESG department, led by Milica Pešterić, with the aim of providing advice in this important area. The transition from a linear economic and industrial model to circular is a challenging and demanding job that will require companies to hire professional services. Milica explained in detail the concept of ESG to the participants of the seminar, then ESG in the law of Germany and the European Union, and the potential obligations of Serbian companies.

Miloš Andrejević explained the harmonization of business with general legal regulations, including labor law regulations, tax and accounting obligations, fire protection regulations, whistleblowing regulations, personal data protection, obligations related to corporate management, archiving, waste management and other relevant areas.