The SELA regional newsletter features an overview of the most important regional legislative developments recently announced in the jurisdictions of SELA coverage. Many of the changes recently implemented impact the regions’ ability to attract foreign investments and related to tax, customs and other investment incentives, illustrating just how strategically important the governing bodies of the region SEE foreign investment.

Main takeaways


  • Amendments to the Law on Concessions and the Public and Private Partnership
  • Amendments to the Law on Tourism

Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Proposal of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Profit Tax in Republic of Srpska
  • Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Foreign Exchange in Republic of Srpska


  • New Bulgarian National Bank Act
  • Amendments in Labor Code
  • New Research and Innovation Promotion Act
  • Energy-Related Legislation


  • New Administrative Disputes Act
  • Draft of the Building Management and Maintenance Act


  • The Lobbying Law
  • Company Law – Abolishment of The Annual Company Levy
  • Real Estate Law – Amendment to the Sale of Immovable Property (Specific Performance) Law
  • Shipping Law – Green Incentives Program


  • New platform launched for the implementation of due diligence measures for legal entities (Know Your Business)
  • New anti-bribery law initiates criminal liability for legal entities
  • New Amendments to the Greek Golden Visa
  • Transposition Of Pillar Two Rules into Greek Law


  • New Amendments to the Law on Companies
  • Rulebook on Supervision conducted by the Capital Market Commission

North Macedonia

  • The new Law on the Prohibition of Unfair Trade Practices in the Supply Chain of Agricultural and Food Products
  • The Law on Payment Services and Payment Systems
  • The Law on the Use of Macedonian Language


  • E-Transport law
  • Offshore wind energy legislation
  • New way to keep tabs of large taxpayers


  • The Rulebook on Approval of Temporary Residence
  • New immigration bylaws: Rulebook on Issuing a Unified Permit for Temporary Residence and Work of a Foreigner, the Rulebook on Approval of Temporary Residence Permits, and the Rulebook on Electronic Submission of Requests for Permanent Residence
  • Regulation on Criteria for Determining Activities that impact the Environment and the amounts of Compensation
  • The Rulebook on Eco-design Requirements for Air-conditioning and Ventilation Devices
  • New bylaws, in relation to the Law on Electronic Media


  • New Market Inspection Act
  • New Energy Act
  • Amendments and additions to the Act on Investment Incentives