SELA is proud to announce the largest territorial expansion to date

SELA is proud to announce the largest territorial expansion to date and welcomes its new member for Greece, Romania, and Cyprus – DRAKOPOULOS

Drakopoulos joins SELA and expands our territorial coverage into three new jurisdictions!

SELA officially welcomed a leading regional law firm with main offices in Athens, Bucharest, and Nicosia – Drakopoulos into its ranks on 17 January 2024.

The inclusion of Drakopoulos further enhances the diversity and depth of expertise within SELA. With a proven track record in providing legal services in three jurisdictions, Drakopoulos brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to the highest professional standards, aligning seamlessly with the network’s values.

SELA is built on the foundation of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and a commitment to delivering top-tier legal services. The network provides a platform for member firms to share insights, resources, and best practices, creating a dynamic environment that benefits both clients and legal professionals.

Drakopoulos has been providing consulting and legal advice to businesses since 1992. The firm possesses extensive resources and know-how to cover a wide range of services and handles substantial and complex multi-jurisdictional transactions. The firm’s deep and talented roster of legal professionals will significantly strengthen and enhance our growing network.