Zoya Todorova, partner from Dimitrov Petrov & Co (Bulgaria), and Nina Vještica, partner from Dimitrijević & Partners (Bosnia and Herzegovina) took part in the Balkan Legal Forum 2022 held on 29 June – 1 July in Vienna.

Balkan Legal Forum 2022 is a conference organized by the IBA European Regional Forum, IBA Law Firm Management Committee and the Legal Development Foundation. Zoya is serving as Regional Liaison Officer, within the IBA European Regional Forum. Zoya took part in the panel Recruiting and Retention: The free agency of legal talent, where she and other law firm partners discussed and shared experiences and ideas about managing the increased competition for talents and changing expectations of young lawyers.

Building trust and respect. Creating an environment of honesty and transparency. Genuinely caring and connecting with our colleagues. These were my key messages at the session on recruitment and retention of legal talent I took part in together with Chris Owen, Ruxandra Maria Bologa and Florian Klimscha at the IBA Balkan Legal Forum in Vienna”, said Zoya.

There is no recipe for a good firm culture or for the wellbeing of the team. It is the task of the leaders to listen, learn and adapt. For that reason I truly believe in authenticity, in remembering that above all we are human beings”, she added.

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