SELA Webinar: Challenges in developing RES projects in SEE

Webinar on “Challenges in developing RES projects in SEE” organized by SELA team was held on Thursday 24th November 2022.

The webinar was hosted by Pencho Stanchev, partner from Dimitrov, Petrov & Co, who has extensive experience for more than 20 years in energy law. He was accompanied by Davorin Marinković, partner from Dimitrijević & Partners, and Milica Pešterić, senior associate from BD2P. Davorin is highly experienced in PPPs, concessions, and public procurement in infrastructure and energy industry. Milica is a key member of the team in energy and infrastructure department, and she is an active member of the Serbian Energy Law Association.

This time, we had a guest speaker from UK, Andrew Renton, partner from Castletown Law. Andrew is a leading solicitor in the energy and infrastructure industry. He works in the UK and internationally as well in the Middle East and Central Europe. He gave us a valuable insight into his expertise in energy field.

Webinar aimed to point out the legislative challenges, administrative burdens, possible solutions to ease the investment process, and key steps for connection to the grid. It also covered general European background context, project structures and infrastructure, energy hubs and a commercial legal insight.

You can download the presentation HERE.

SELA Webinar video can be watched below.