Bosnia and Herzegovina: Davorin Marinković and Nikola Markočević gave an interview for CEE Legal Matters

Davorin Marinković, partner and Nikola Markočević, senior associate at Dimitrijević & Partners, gave an interview for CEE Legal Matters regarding the adoption of last year amendments to the Public Procurement Law.

They emphasized the importance of adopting these amendments, as they are one of the main reasons why Bosnia and Herzegovina recently received a recommendation for candidate status for EU membership.

What attracts attention are the provisions related to public procurement in the field of legal services provided by lawyers and related professions such as notaries and representatives of minors, as they are now exempt from the application of the Public Procurement Law. Before these changes, legal services were procured through the public procurement process, and the offered price was the basic criteria that the contracting authorities had to apply when hiring a lawyer.


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