In a recently published 2021 edition of the IFLR1000 rankings, SELA law firms were recognized once again as leading ones in their jurisdictions.

In Albania, Hoxha Memi & Hoxha were ranked in Tier 1 both in Financial and corporate and in Project development.

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, Dimitrijević & Partners were ranked in Tier 1 in Project development and Tier 2 in Financial and corporate.

In Bulgaria, Dimitrov Petrov & Co were placed in Tier 2 in Banking and finance and in M&A, and Tier 3 in Project development.

SELA advisor for Croatia, Žurić i Partneri, were ranked in Tier 2 in Financial and corporate and in Project development.

In North Macedonia, Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners were ranked in Financial and corporate and in Project development.

Bojović Drašković Popović & Partners improved their position in Financial & Corporate to Band 2 and have also been recognized in Project Development in Serbia.

In Slovenia, Kirm Perpar was again recognized as one of the leading law firms and ranked Tier 3 in Financial and corporate. In the field of Project development they were ranked as Other notable.

Currently IFLR1000 publishes more than 750 practice area law firm rankings and more than 19,000 lawyer ratings across more than 235 jurisdictions – national and regional – globally.

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