The South East Legal Alliance – SELA participated as a sponsor of the Smith Novak NPL Europe conference. The conference, which was held in London on March 9-10, 2017, took a look at the trends and developments in the European NPL market by bringing together key market players to discuss hot topics, deal flows and legislative developments across European markets.

The conference was attended by SELA representatives, including Duško Žurić of Žurić i Partneriin Croatia, Marija Bojović and Uroš Popović of Bojović & Partners in Serbia / Montenegro, and Jan Gorjup of Kirm Perpar in Slovenia.   Marija Bojović, a founding partner of Bojović & Partners and SELA, participated in the panel discussion covering the countries of South East Europe. The panel covered innovations in the regional market, expected transactions and lessons learned from recent experiences. The panel also discussed how NPL portfolio sales are increasing in the region and their management, resolution and prevention is among the top priorities of regional regulators. With numerous banks present in multiple regional markets, multi-jurisdictional transactions are inevitable, which has been evidenced by increased investor interest. Also following on with these trends, increasing interest and awareness is being given to different restructuring options and enforcement as a preventative measure.

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