On May 24th 2021, Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction (hereinafter: the “Amended Law”)

The goal of the adopted changes is to reduce the number of buildings for which a construction permit has been issued, but which lack use permit, as well as to “unlock” certain locations that are suitable for the development of construction projects, but whose urbanistic purpose has not yet been regulated by the relevant urban planning documents.

Key Novelties

Amended Law defines new deadlines for obtaining a use permit for buildings for which decisions on building permits, i.e. approvals on building construction have been issued in accordance with previously applicable laws on construction of buildings (regulations that were in force before September 11, 2009). The new deadline for issuing the mentioned permits is four years from the day the Amended Law comes into force, i.e. May 25th, 2025.

Other important changes include defined deadlines for competent state bodies to adopt new planning documents, which would replace the planning documents adopted before January 1st, 1993. Competent state authorities, i.e. local self-government unit, which did not adopt new planning documents within the legal deadlines, must adopt the said documents by May 24th, 2023. If the stated deadlines are not met, the responsible person of the local self-government unit will be fined anything between RSD 50,000 to RSD 150,000.

Application of the Law 

The application of the Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction will begin on May 25, 2021.

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