SELA is Pleased to Welcome its Newest Member – Hoxha, Memi & Hoxha

SELA has enhanced its value proposition to clients with coverage of Albania. SELA officially welcomed the leading Albanian law firm, Hoxha, Memi & Hoxha (HM&H). into its ranks on 1 April 2018.

Albania’s Hoxha, Memi & Hoxha (HM&H) has joined SELA – The South East Legal Alliance

Tirana, Albania, 2 April, 2018 – With the addition of another jurisdiction of coverage, SELA will be able to more thoroughly provide seamless service to companies doing business in South East Europe.

SELA is a regional network of independent law firms advising clients on their operations across South East Europe. SELA’s membership now spans across eight jurisdictions. The alliance members are among the top firms in their jurisdictions, providing the full range of legal and business services to local and international businesses. Members include Apostolska & Partners of Macedonia, Bojović & Partners of Serbia / Montenegro, Dimitrijević & Partners of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. of Bulgaria, Kirm Perpar of Slovenia, Žurić i Partneri of Croatia and now Hoxha, Memi & Hoxha of Albania.

About Hoxha, Memi & Hoxha

Hoxha, Memi & Hoxha is a top tier, full-service commercial law firm operating in Albania. Founded in 2003, HM&H has gain a reputation for professionalism and diligence. Over the past decade, the firm has assisted an increasing number of prominent international companies and the firm now assists and provides advisory services to several of the largest local and international corporations operating in Albania. As a full service commercial law firm, HM&H provides legal services in all core areas of business law and assist clients with solid legal support for the development of their venture. With substantive sector know-how, the firm combines high level sophisticated counselling with straightforward, clear and business-driven advice. The firm has adopted a collaborative and entrepreneurial attitude to provide creative and practical client-specific solutions.

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